Launch Yourself: Creating a New Life One Intention at a Time
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Do you have the life you’ve always wanted pdf datei fehler beim herunterladen?

Are you living your life passions with meaning and purpose?
Are your relationships rich and meaningful?
Do you even know who you are and what you bring to this world programm videos von youtube downloaden?

If not, you need to Launch Yourself.

For most people, life dissatisfaction is the result of living an unintentional life. Rather than remaining ’stuck’ in an existence you never wanted, Launch Yourself will provide you with the tools to re-launch your life instagram auf pc downloaden.

By peering into the implosion and re-launch of Trotter’s own life, you’ll learn the five most important questions to ask yourself via The Process of Intention…allowing you to find a ‘new normal’ in The Seven Spheres of Transformation (life passions, romance, community, money and possessions, creativity and play, physical well-being, and spirituality) adobe flash player ipad for free. Listen in as the author shares his own journey and inspires you to experience your own life launch. (Nurmal Resources – 9781935798033)


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Launch Yourself Workbook
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This workbook is an excellent tool for individuals to work through and apply the material presented in Launch Yourself after passion film kostenlos downloaden. For each chapter, an accompanying section in this workbook allows the reader to process the principles in their own life. (Nurmal Resources – 9781935798040)
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Lost & Found: Finding Myself
by Getting Lost in an Affair
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After 10 years as a pastor, David was burned out and stuck in a life and marriage that lacked passion herunterladen. His desire for an intimate partnership led him to leave his mistress of ‘ministry’ and run into the arms of a real-life mistress — his wife’s best friend. After moving in with one another and spending forty days together, the woman abruptly left to go back to her husband and four kids, and David’s life hit rock bottom.

This first-hand account of what led to his burnout and life implosion takes the reader on a raw and intimate journey…from illicit affair to hospitalization and ultimately to reconciliation with his wife and family. This is a powerful story of redemption that will leave the reader both challenged and inspired. (Nurmal Resources – 9781935798019)




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Through a raw, heartfelt essay and over 200 full color images captured along the back roads of rural India, “AWAKEN my life” calls out to hearts deadened by the continual pursuit of “more.”

Having bought into the promise of satisfaction which forever dangles like a carrot, hearts hunger and thirst for a rich and meaningful life. Perhaps your heart…

Are you open to see the world in a new way?
Are you ready to be awakened?

May you be awakened to the needs around the world (and even in your own neighborhood). May you allow the One who created you to set a new rhythm for your heart and your life. (Nurmal Resources – 9781935798002)