I WILL: Igniting a Movement of Revolutionaries With Two Small Words

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We live in a day and an age where few people will take responsibility for problems, concerns, and needs in our communities windows-10-update-assistenten herunterladen. Oftentimes, we assume that someone else will take care of the situation. Unfortunately, that usually doesn’t happen…

In an effort to change the culture of our communities, we want to challenge you to join the movement herunterladen!

Will you respond when someone is in need?
Will you help those who can’t help themselves?
Will you use your words & actions to love others youtube videos herunterladen iphone app?
Will you make a difference in your community?


I WILL was originally written in 2007 when David was the Lead Pastor of Revolution Church in Long Beach, California gutschein gestalten kostenlosen.


7 Ways to Have a Great Valentine’s Day

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There’s something special about February 14th free norton internet security download. Whether you are single, married, divorced, or wish you were single, Valentine’s Day is a day filled with expectation!

There’s something about the Hallmark commercials and the explosion of red cards and candies that heightens our expectations of February 14th perfect piano herunterladen.

No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, my hope is that this resource will prepare you to have a great experience on Valentine’s Day for windows pc. I believe it will be an amazing day when you can feel connected to those you love.

It’s not about buying the perfect gift or receiving one in return 3d graphics card free download windows 7. It’s not about eating the finest food or preparing a five-course meal for your hubby. And, it’s definitely not about scoring with that hot chick that you’re taking out on a first date.

It’s about love.

Love goes beyond goose-bump moments and titillating experiences. Love is a choice to care for the people that are in your life in a way that is genuine and life giving.


Absolutely! No matter what stage of life you’re in, you’ll learn how to have a great Valentine’s Day…
even if you’re not dating someone!


  • An easy-to-read, full-color E-BOOK (pdf) that can be read on your computer or printed out.
  • A 30 minute audio version of the material (mp3).
  • An “I Don’t Want a Lame Valentine’s Day” Planning Worksheet.


In “7 Ways to Have a Great Valentine’s Day”, I will share how to:

  • Make the man or woman of your dreams love you more.
  • Have a deeply connected evening together.
  • Avoid having unrealistic expectations for the day.
  • Settle your nerves about getting the perfect gift.
  • Plan an experience that your wife will never forget.
  • Get your husband to talk more about themselves.
  • Let that special someone really get to know you.
  • Focus on the positive even if something goes wrong.