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Life Launch: Creating a New Normal One Intention at a Time – purchase now

Publisher: Nurmal Resources
ISBN/EAN13: 1935798030/9781935798033
Paperback: 218 pages

Do you have the life you’ve always wanted onedrive dateien nicht herunterladen? Are you living out your life passions with meaning and purpose? Are your relationships rich and life-giving? Do you even know who you are and what you bring to this world mietverträge - gewerberaum kostenlos downloaden?

If not, you need a Life Launch.

For most people, life dissatisfaction is the result of living an unintentional life. Rather than remaining ’stuck’ in an existence you never wanted, Life Launch will provide you with the tools to re-launch your life vodafone sicherheitspaket downloaden.

By peering into the implosion and re-launch of Trotter’s own life, you’ll learn the five most important questions to ask yourself via The Process of Intention…allowing you to find a ‘new normal’ in The Seven Spheres of Transformation (life passions, romance, community, money and possessions, creativity and play, physical well-being, and spirituality) herunterladen. Listen in as the author shares his own journey and inspires you to experience your own life launch.


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