Speaking Engagements

Engaging Passion, Inspiring Teaching,
and Practical Solutions.

With an unending well of passion and over 12 years of public speaking experience, David Trotter is known for motivating men and women to make life-changing decisions that impact both their business and personal lives.

As a non-profit executive for over a decade, he became an authority in the areas of leadership, life transformation, and relationships. From small gatherings to conferences of over 10,000, David has creatively communicated life truths through presentations that are highly interactive and include loads of ‘how-to’ content. He intereweaves stories, metaphors, examples, and humor to make his keynotes and seminars highly memorable, incredibly practical, and unbelievably profitable for your audience garmin app.

He is known for taking people on an unsuspected journey into the heart of their lives in order to experience a profound, life-changing moment.
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Examples of Speaking:

To view a recent example of David’s speaking style, click on a video title below:

Video Reel of David Trotter
This five-minute reel provides examples of David’s style in multiple venues including live events and location-based communication vmware tool.

Summer: Seasons of the Soul
For 52 straight weeks, David created 25 minute teaching lms that were shot in 3-4 locations and based on a variety of spiritual topics. This is an example of one of his numerous lms.

Video Interview with Jennifer Louden
David hosts periodic video interviews with authors at LAUNCH52.com, and this is a recent interview with bestselling author Jennifer Louden.

Panel Discussion in a Conference Setting
David was asked to share his story and experience of indelity at a recent sexuality conference whatsapp manuell herunterladen.

The Power of Forgiveness
In this 40 minute interview, David and Laura Trotter share their story of forgiveness and reconciliation.


What People Are Saying:

Shawn Scheinoha | Director of Business Development | PhaseOne Communications
“David has an ability to communicate a challenging message in such a passionate way. No matter how large the crowd, it feels like he’s speaking directly to each individual. The bottom line is that his message has helped us take our business to the next level.”

Linda Farmer | Co-founder – Women on Point
“I wanted to thank you for giving such a dynamic and informative presentation. Based on the feedback, I know the women were very pleased with the content, and I’m sure they’ll see tangible results in their businesses.”

Kevin DeAllen | CEO – Luxe Investment Holdings
“David Trotter is one of the most dynamic, creative and interactive speakers of his generation amazon video auf pc downloaden. His sharp wit resembles that of the television show Frasier, and his audience specific audio-visuals really help the room to connect with the message he is charged with giving. Trotter struck a chord that caused our audience to erupt in laughter one moment and brings them to tears the next. The investment in Trotter is still paying dividends months hence.”

Jim Haley | Lead Coach – Jim Haley Unlimited
“I knew you were good, but I didn’t know you were that good! Everyone absolutely loved you. Thanks again for doing such a terrific job.”.

Leadership Keynotes:

  • Lift-up to Lift-off
    If you want your business to soar, the power of lift-off is found in lifting up your team members herunterladen. This heart-driven keynote is designed to teach the two most important skills to create a positive workplace – affirmation and appreciation. Through hands-on training and interactive exercises, your team will feel more connected than ever!
  • What Did You Just Say?
    In a fast-paced environment, communication is much more than merely transferring information. Learning the practical steps to ‘active listening’ will allow your team members to hear the essence of the message which oftentimes goes below the surface of the words being spoken herunterladen. This keynote will result in a high level of communication built upon honest dialogue and grace-filled listening.
  • Next Level TeamworkMIcro-managing your team may produce quicker results initially, but the long term impact is stunted growth. Unleash the power within each person by starting to see them as a leader-in-training. Designed for team leaders and managers, this high-impact keynote includes practical training on how to “embody, empower, and encourage” – ultimately resulting in next level teamwork herunterladen.
  • Learning to Lead Yourself
    The most challenging person to lead in an organization is yourself. Without healthy self-leadership, the inevitable outcomes include a lack of productivity, decreased satisfaction, miscommunication, and burnout. Through this no-holds-barred keynote, David sets off the five alarms that indicate a lack of self-leadership – disconnection, compensation, overexertion, overreaction, and segregation. By sharing from his own life experience, David encourages leaders toward a healthy approach that can result in a successful career and life.  

  • Dealing with ECNs in the Workplace
    Every workplace has them…those people who drive you absolutely nuts sim city 4! These are ‘extra care needed’ individuals. Rather than isolating them, how can you deal with the inherent difficulties that emerge in a team-based environment? In this practical keynote, you’ll develop a fresh perspective on your co-workers that will result in a deep appreciation of their uniquenesses and a new willingness to work through the challenges. Instead of seeing someone as a ‘difficult person’, perhaps just a little extra care is needed.  

  • Overcoming Conflict and Finding the Freedom of Forgiveness
    Gossip, slander, and outright conflict prevent even the most skilled employees from working together as a team tv cast downloaden. Although there may be a desire to simply sweep conflict under the rug, the only way to overcome hostility is through forgiveness. Through this heart-touching keynote, your team will develop real-life skills to work through inevitable challenges and experience the freedom of forgiveness. Your team will never be the same!  

  • Recruiting and Leading Dynamic Volunteer Teams
    With an innate longing to make a difference in the world, people are looking for ways to get involved in your organization. Are you casting a compelling vision? Do you provide clear expectations? How are you empowering them to bring their experience to the table? Are you encouraging them on an ongoing basis pokemon yellow rom german for free? Through this motivating keynote, you’ll be more equipped than ever to rally dynamic volunteers.

Life Transformation Keynotes:

  • How I Found My Life By Getting Lost in an Affair
    In the midst of this raw, redemption story, David shares the assumptions that led him down the road of leaving his wife, hitting rock bottom, and experiencing the grace of a new life with his family. This keynote can be catered to men, women, or a mixed audience.
  • Creating the Relationship You Long For | David and Laura Trotter
    By sharing their own experience of recovering from a public affair, David and Laura Trotter weave a story of hope that empowers men and women to recover from whatever rock bottom they’ve encountered. Combining hope, grace, and hard-hitting life truths, they will inspire your group toward the recovery and life transformation that’s available to everyone.  

  • Get Unstuck and Re-launch Your Life
    Whether you’re feeling mildly stuck or you’ve recently hit rock bottom in life, this motivational keynote will give you the empowerment to launch your life. Through five life-changing questions, David will teach you the Process of Intention – a clear path allowing you to create the life you truly long for. It is true…you can get unstuck and re-launch your life!  

  • Don’t Settle for Normal…Discover Nurmal
    Most of us have settled for a ‘normal’ that is far below what’s possible for our lives. After sharing the secret to nurmal (a new normal), David imparts why the Seven Spheres of Transformation are pivotal in the process of igniting powerful life-change. You’ll walk away with practical next steps to transform your life passions, romance, community, money and possessions, creativity and play, physical well-being, and spirituality. Nurmal will be your new way of life!

NEED TO SHOW YOUR TEAM? Download an informational pdf now!
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