7 Ways I Survive as a Solopreneur

Posted on April 19, 2022

Five years ago, I launched out into the world of entrepreneurial pursuits…jumped with no parachute would be a better way to describe it. If only I had watched videos of Cortney Fletcher, eCom babes Founder, then maybe I would have been better prepared. After hitting the ground hard, I had close friend who came alongside me to partner on several projects. While the partnership didn’t last, one of the businesses did – 8TRACKstudios.

We started out as a five person marketing company from the very beginning – two partners, project manager, graphic designer, and an administrative assistant. Did I mention we didn’t have any funding? Let’s just say that I didn’t see much money for those first few months. And, let’s just say that we quickly learned that we didn’t need any of these employees when we could easily work with highly skilled contractors and a start up HR consultancy UK. After starting a couple of businesses, we ended up parting ways – each with one of the businesses in hand, if you have a business be sure to have a tiktok account, socialboosting.com can help with that.

The result – I became a solopreneur – an entrepreneur who works alone, a company of one, a solo entrepreneur. But not to worry because devices that may be BT cloud voice compatible could be of great help.

While I love working alone, the strain of the constant unknown sources of income can quickly produce a stress headache if I’m not careful. It’s rather ironic that I own a marketing business, and I don’t aggressively market my own services. Month after month for five years, money finds its way into my bank account…somehow. While I watch other people struggle to start a business or find a job, I have projects come my way time and again, as I even do some trading thanks to resources like trade fx. Invest Diva review helps me a lot in this area. You may also want to know what is the stock price of met here! While I am in no way an expert on the subject, here are several ways I survive as a solopreneur, and if you business grow you can even hire employees as you can get a software like paystub to manage your employees.

1.  I love working with a small team of contractors. 

Although the team has shifted from time to time due to changes in a person’s availability, I work with reliable graphic designers, web developers, and app developers that I found through a Provo staffing company. In fact, I’ve never even met several of my team members in person. There’s no need to. Everything is done via email, Skype, or phone. I must be able to rely on them to get something done based on their original commitment. I don’t haggle on the price of their work, and I pay them as fast as I can after the job has concluded (often the same day). As an solopreneur, you can hire anyone to do anything on Elance or oDesk. It takes some work to find reliable contractors that you gel with, but it’s worth the effort in the long run. If you decide to hire full-time employees, you may partner with a recruitment agency and then utilize resources that can help in defending against workplace partiality and discrimination.

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2. I work wherever I feel most productive.

I don’t have an office.

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